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Is your yard a hot mess? Don’t blush. We can help. Below you’ll see some of last seasons projects. Some we had to scrape and start from scratch, others we just added personality to. Where ever you fall in the spectrum of not-so-lush landscaping, there’s a solution.

This is Koko’s yard.

A busy work schedule got the best of her, and her yard became well, sad. Really sad.
What she wanted: A nice open area for her 4 year old lab to play, low maintenance landscaping, and place she and her husband could relax.
What we did: We weeded and scraped the entire yard, amended and leveled the soil, installed a new irrigation system with a clock, laid fresh new sod and added an evergreen privacy screen of Arborvitae.
What she likes: It’s simple. The dog won’t wreck anything precious and with the existing shade trees, and new privacy screen, it’s more inviting. Since the watering is programmed on the clock and weekly mowing is manageable, it’s a place to enjoy, not a glaring chore.
The Timeline: This project took us 5 days. The timer was set to water the new sod daily for two weeks. Once the sod rooted, we added organic fertilizer and gave it a good first mow, and reset the clock on a xeric maintenance schedule.

This is Buzz and Patty’s yard.

They had a beautiful new house, with construction beaten landscaping.

What they wanted: A space to grill out, a functional fence for their young puppies and a yard that was reminiscent of their original home in Upstate New York.

What we did: We began by scraping their weed laden grass, amending the soil and laying new sod. We added a new irrigation system for the new sod and flower beds. Since the backyard is quite small and narrow, we edged fluid bed lines and planted grasses whose movement create the illusion of more space. There are heat loving, long blooming perennials like echinacea, coreopsis and flowering shrubs like viburnum, dogwood and butterfly bush. We planted densely, and chose larger plants so the gardens could withstand began ran through by dogs. The puppies like to eat mulch, so we planted evergreen ground covers to retain soil moisture.

What they like: They love the fencing which allows multiple entry points, as well as keeps the dogs out of certain areas. They love the maturity of the shrubs and long standing color of the perennials.

The Timeline: This project was completed in two phases. The first was scraping and restructuring the beds and sod. We re built the fence after our machines were out of the way. We planted more densely the second year once they had lived in their house for a bit longer. The total project time was one month split into two 2 week projects.

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