We hand pick every plant to ensure its health, and quick maturation into the landscape. View “Our Work” page to see the work we’ve done.

Organic Maintenance & Clean Up

We provide seasonal clean up,  expert garden maintenance, weeding, annual and perennial planting, leaf clean up, plant dividing and the domestication of wild gardens!


-What does “organic” mean?

The term organic refers to the ingredients found in our applications, and our approach to gardening. Most of our products are derived from things as simple as garlic, or corn gluten meal. In our experience with dogs and children it’s best to keep everything in the garden EDIBLE. Organic also refers to the practices we use to promote healthy gardens. A healthy garden starts with nutrient rich soil, air flow, adequate water and light- not miracle grow and dyed mulches.

-Do you offer free estimates?

Yes! Please fill out our Request an Estimate form. We will review your yard together and create a prioritized list of garden goals and ideas. You will receive an estimate for the specific work, and if agreed upon, the project will be scheduled.

-Who will be working on my property?

Smiling, happy people! Expertly trained gardeners (with whom you will be well-acquainted with) and the right tools with be there. We generally work in crews of 3- 5.

-Are you insured?

Yes, We have liability insurance and motor vehicle. You may request certificates of insurance at any time.